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Massage and Healings

Your are welcome to discover your body wisdom, and hence the hidden treasures of your own being. In a healing or massage session you can safely explore new ground within your body, your soul and your spirit. Therefore, each session will help you to

  • nourish and reconnect to your body,
  • free your mind,
  • and become more happy!

You may choose between ayurvedic massage, psycho-spiritual and energetic healing work and a tantric spiritual massage and thereby 

  • regenerate from the stresses of the day
  • discard mental obsessions
  • resolve traumata
  • or even come out of depression.

Most importantly, your own healing is always supported by the guidance of your inner guru. Besides that, it may be helpful to have the presence and guidance of a professional person like a well-trained good friend. As a result, in a good healing session, it is like your soul (un-)consciously recognises the right frequencies by doing what has to be done together.

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“Devotion through action is better than renunciation. [..] The truly devoted, for the purification of the heart, perform actions with their bodies, their minds, their understanding, and their senses, putting away all self-interest. [..] He who, while living in this world and before the liberation of the soul from the body, can resist the impulse arising from desire and anger is a devotee and blessed. [..] Such illuminated sages whose sins are exhausted, who are free from delusion, who have their senses and organs under control, and devoted to the good of all creatures, obtain assimilation with the Supreme Spirit.”  Bhagavad Gita

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