My name is Amritesha! My life began just as a normal life πŸ™‚ Nothing needed to be perfect and everything was ok. Well, things evolved and we have quite some lessons in life to learn.

When my father died, I was still young and I therefore studied hermetic mystics already in my teens and as a young man. My first girlfriend waited to meet me until my 20th year of age and we had a beautiful long relationship. We both studied, got our Ph.D., received a good job, built a house and wanted to grow old together.

I had my plans but life came! There is a saying: “If you want to see god laughing, tell him your plans.” Well – after some more years nothing was left from this initial setup. I find myself in Thailand, studying life in the form of tantra yoga. Actually, what is left is: originally, I wanted to learn about the universe. So, I studied physics and I wanted to combine this knowledge with mystics but first I had to drop my metaphysics studies for a few years to be able to really miss it and pick it up again in a different form as a yogic path. As a physicist, I can say, there is more to the world as the well-described physics. Actually, spirituality is not necessarily beyond science or physics, as a good experimentalist would always observe and describe nature and life as it is, not the other way around.

So, I have been working as a scientist and later as an ayurvedic masseur and energetic healer.
Nowadays, I immerse myself fully into the study of a wholistic spirituality including trantra yoga and the deeper bliss-bodies of the human being.

I am very grateful for the grace of experiencing the joy of serene peacefulness, loving and embracing non-attachment and a path purifying, balancing and enjoying energies at all levels, leading to the Self!

As I am convinced (and as this is my only logical solution to the concept of infinity), the divine embraces everything. There is nothing, which can be outside of god, the higher self or however you may call it. Contemplating and maybe one day realizing that, I would like to share, whatever might be beneficial for you!

Challenges are there for us to learn. My life told me several times, we created these challenges ourselves with the subconscious mind and developping our consciousness we are able to overcome them!Β Life is just unfolding beautifully!

Join the train and get your fruits out of it!