Ayurveda Oil Massage Hands connecting Belly and Heart

Body Wisdom

All our experiences are stored in the mind and in the body as well. Coming from a western cultural background the body wisdom is not always within our awareness. We even might tend to judge it inferior. It is not! It may be scary in the beginning and that is normal, as we might not be used to looking at our body this way.

What can happen when we feel our body? It can be harmonious and pleasurable. It can be ecstatic! There can be pain, anxieties and fear. Tension or a feeling of a closing of the heart. And all these positive and negative these feelings can even be enhanced when we receive touch.

Bodily Stored Emotions

The body even helps us to connect our mind back to the earth. Many e-motions arise from thoughtful interpretations and projections. The word e(x)-motion means a movement out of the body. Working with the body helps to root the emotions back to the underlying feelings and into the bodily locations where you feel it. Even more, projecting the mind into that locations and staying with it in a loving presence causes the healing effect, which we are looking for. Therefore, when we consequently do the healing changes, and if we contuniously use the body wisdom, we end up with a more joyful and fulfilling life. And we learn to do this on our own. This is a great opportunity to change your life, thinking and behavior as far as it is beneficial for you.

Emotional patterns are also stored in the limbic system of the brain. The so-called amygdala is a center, which acutally decides about our emotional reactions, even before we gain consciousness about it in the neo-cortex. Once it reaches there, we start to find arguments why it has to be as we already unconsciously decided, before. Now the big trick is, to know that we can programm the amygdala by using the thinking of our neo-cortex. If we do it right and repeatedly, we change patterns, heal and grow!


For getting a good basis for the self-empowerment of regeneration, I will explain a few things. Many traumatic experiences may have happened in our lives! Every life is different and so we all have our individual challenges to overcome.

In this evolution process, we can identify three steps:

  1. The experience of trauma or depression
  2. Feeling and seeing beyond the experience
  3. Changing the life, thinking or behavior, accordingly

Normally, the first step just happens!

We ask ourselves why? This is already a step into seeing beyond!
We feel the suffering! This is already a step into feeling through it!
Here, we tend to look for support from outside. For someone to guide us through. Still, we do the job ourselves. And we like to have a friend, a trained space holder, someone who already went through some of it to be with us and support us, while doing it.

Finally, all things come from the same source. All suffering can be traced back to the same source. Sometimes it is obvious to us and sometimes, we take more time to recognise it. For going back to this source, we have a variety of methods at hand. Of course, in our sessions we will apply a suitable one. May it be meditative or active, energetic or physical.

As a human being we are gifted with a body. The body is an incredible instrument to discover, depending on the openness we allow ourselves.


What are the Healings?

Depending on your needs you may choose between three healings:

  • ayurvedic massage
  • psycho-spiritual body work
  • tantric spiritual massage

All healings we will take place in a sacred space, cleaned with prayer and incense. If appropriate, we will also have candle light and relaxing music connected the heart-frequency or higher.

Ayurvedic Massage

The ayurvedic massage is a special oil massage which enhances the metabolism and therefore detoxes the body. Furthermore, it is very relaxing, comforting and you feel great! Depending on the stresses stored in the tissue and released by the massage you might feel a bit tired for a while, as well. This massage alllows for a good nourishment of the tissue and regeneration of the whole being!

In adittion to that, the ayurvedic massage is a great opportunity to let go and dive deeper into the subtle bodies. During the massage, working with the chakras and energies as well, I offer my full presence and awareness to dig deeper into the connections of body, soul and spirit.

Psycho-Spiritual Body Work

Are you thinking about changing your life? Do you want to break free from the sufferings of trauma or depression?

Then, using your body wisdom can help you to do it and to regenerate. This is because your body is a very precise instrument telling you already what is good for you and what not. Beware! Your physical body is not the only instrument. The mind interfers, also. We are trained in many ways to judge and to discriminate – and this is a quality very dear to us. Sometimes, we just forget to synchronise the mind to our body. We will work on this synchronisation and also remove wearing connections. Even better, you will learn to use the mind as the body’s best friend, as it can help to ease and remove the pain of traumata stored into the tissue. And vice versa, the body can be the mind’s best friend as in the reconnection to it lies the key for feeling grounded, relaxed, safe and loved.

The psycho-spiritual body work starts with an easy chat. We dive a bit deeper into it and understand the interplay of the mind and emotions as well as feeling into the body. This already connects to the trauma on a deeper level. Our practice may incorporate energetic treatment of the body and the energetic body (aura healing). Depending on the situation we can also use a beautiful breathwork massage going through the chakras, the energy centers of the body.

Tantric Spiritual Massage

The tantric spiritual massage is based on a more sensually version of the ayurvedic massage involving also lighter and more playful massaging techniques like lomi lomi nui as well as mindful tantric touch. In the beginning we play with a special mixture of excitation and relaxation, building-up contact and trust. In the intimate part it may also include a part of yoni or lingam massage. Here, many women ask for improving the perceptions and working on the so-called mapping between the brain, the feelings and the localized body sensations. And this is very beneficial for men, too, while having a quite different intimate anatomy.

A tantric spiritual massage always aims for spiritual evolution involving the arousing and guiding up of the inner energies. Consequently, explicit explosive orgasms will NOT be supported  by the massage (no “happy end”), because, this would put you down and waste the precious energy called ojas and would not align very nicely with spiritual growth. The tantric spiritual massage is given with the intention to get into a higher energetic state. The specific state depends on the preparation and training of the body system and can lead to a happy, expanded, elevated and even a blissed-out state.

The Choice and General Setup of a Session

If up to now you don’t know exactly, which one to chose, it’s OK. Just come and we will find out, together!

At the beginning of each session, we establish a meditative connection to the inner self. Connecting to that, we will have a talk about the issue you have and wish to solve. We take hold on it and connect it down to your body wisdom and feelings.

If adequate for you, we just go for aura healing and energetic chakra balancing without touch, possibly integrating breath work. Or, it can involve touch up to a full body massage, which is nourishing and relaxing or could even involve the tantric spiritual massage. In this option, we would go for energy and also allow for natural ecstasy.

We alsways find a consent in talking and agree on the next step, which is good for you.

You are cordially invited to try out this beautiful way of self-empowerment and Self-connection!


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