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AnneSimon from Koh Phangan, Thailand

I recieved the Abhyanga Ayurvedic massage from Amritesha and it was a very nice experience. Its a relaxing massage, my mind became spacious and i had many creative thoughts comming.
Amritesha has a good presence as masseur, I recommend the Abhyanga to everyone.

Anneย Anneย from Berlin, Germany

I booked an energetic treatment with Florian (Amritesha) to harmonize my chakras. While doing that an old process come to the surfaces, which has puzzled me for years. It is about the letting go of old thought patterns, emotional deficit and habits which came up by loosing my father in my childhood. Florian (Amritesha) helped me to sense the related inner energies and distribute them in a way, that the seriousness ofย  the issue was reduced and I felt lighter, clear and free.
Coming with that, he showed me a way and supported me with metaphors to reach this state – if I needed it – on my own without external help. Since our session, I didn’t feel a need to do so and I think, I am ready to let go this issue for the first timer ever and to look forward. This is a big sccess for me and feel very grateful. Florian (Amritesha) has a great gift, I felt sound and safe in his hands and I highly recommend his services.

Mattย Mattย aus Koh Phangan, Thailand

Florian is a talented healer and energy-worker. I received a chakra-balancing session from him and I’m now feeling clear, lucid, and renewed. And I love the way that Florian held space for me – it was gentle and spacious. I felt I could instantly relax with him. He is very energetically sensitive – I could really feel the effects of his hands hovering just a few inches over my body. I was able to release some aggrivating, stuck energy in my belly, then opened up into a beautiful flow of vibration and life. Florian guided me to connect with my inner child and helped me enter a meditative state of crisp awareness and deep relaxation in my body. It was a moving experience and I’m grateful to have received this blessing from Florian. Highly recommended!

Angelaย Angela fromย Heidelberg, Germany

The singing bowl meditation with Florian was a wonderful, deep and enriching experience, which nourished me a lot. At most I found peace and therefore I am very grateful, dear Florian.
All the best!ย 🙂

Morayaย Morayaย from Lรผbeck, Germany

Dear Florian,
Thank you from the heart for touching me with your amazing presence! I felt immediately to be in safe in your hands. Your inner self radiates far off your physical body. Thank you so much for your touch and your advice in our communication. I wish you may help many people on their way and support them to finde themselves. You have enriched my path and therefore I am very grateful.

Lenaย Lenaย from Hamburg, Germany

I still feel a warm, calm, trustful feeling of deep contentment, while all actual details step back. I experienced the personal retreat with you as a boost to self-trust and femininity. This opens the route for a sustaining change in my life.
thank you

Steffanieย Steffanieย from Potsdam, Germany

Thanky ou so much for your presence in our personal encounter, your mindful hugs and empathic massages! Your hands are very warm and comforting, energizing and find the perfect points of its own volition.